David Walkley Hill is a self-taught artist, born and raised in the Southwest in Tucson Arizona. David has taken what has been a hobby of finding scrap and discarded metal pieces and turning them into sculptures and turned this into a business in Chatham, New Jersey. He started with custom outdoor sculptures for backyards that could be moved around by the homeowners as their backyards changed. From here his work has also evolved and branched into indoor, architectural and furniture pieces. He takes joy in being able to create custom one of a kind static pieces with a look and feel of movement or action to them. He likes incorporating different types of metals to provide contrast to individual pieces. He will use stainless steel, copper, or aluminum which will not rust on a steel piece which will rust up over time if not protected. All the different metals on a piece will take on their natural beautiful patinas when exposed to the elements.

You can reach David at: Walkleyworks@aol.com

25A Commerce St., Chatham, NJ 07928 • 973-701-1274

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